Neapolitan Express Rolls Out New Pies

Neapolitan Express, the eco-friendly truck that purports to be selling authentic Neapolitan pizza has finally gotten their footing (not to mention a Vendy nomination). On my last visit, the pies coming out of the compressed natural gas oven were tastier than they ever were before. Now they sent us word that they’ve added some new menu items to spice things up. In addition to three new savory pies like the a Diavolo with cherry peppers and spicy Sopressata and the di Parma with buffalo mozzarella and Prosciutto di Param, they’ve upped their Nutella dessert pizza to include market fruits. Anybody tried these new pies yet?


  • Since we’re talking about food trucks, has anyone tried the Katz N Dogz Pastrami truck or Mtblls cart that’s been on 49th btwn 6th and 7th? They’ve been around for a week or 2 now and i haven’t heard a thing about either.

    • Went to K&D today, as they camp on 52nd near 6th a couple times a week now.

      The pastrami is legit. Moist, decent amount of fat, could use more spices on the edge but delicious despite that. And yes, it’s $10, but they pack a lot on the bread (you’ll get rye, though there are other options). It’s sliced to order, thin, with a deli slicer. They have a reuben but I refuse to ask for a “Reuben orgasm” or whatever they call it, and there’s corned beef, there’s salami, some sandwich variations in-between, and then a $3 Nathan’s dog.

      The potato salad as an included side was pretty much terrible. You have to cook the potatoes a bit, guys. Maybe the cole slaw is better.

    • Not to hijack this thread, but I tried the pastrami from K&D the other day when it was on 47th/Vanderbilt (a few days before the trucks got booted). Agree, it was legit. Thoroughly enjoyed the kosher style (not kosher – you can get cheese) sandwich. Was bummed because I didn’t even notice the name of the truck and was afraid I couldn’t find it again especially after the trucks got kicked out of that spot.

      • Another word on Katz. Before the 47th street crackdown, had their pastrami burger. It was worth the potential cardiac arrest. Pastrami was as good as Pastrami Queen, Katz, Mendy’s and 2nd avenue. The burger I requested was medium and medium it came. Topped with mushrooms and onions along with cheese it was good eating. They ran out of fries so I went with the aforementioned crappy potato salad.

        Also, at the time I went Phil’s Steaks truck was parked next to Katz and one of the owners from Phil’s went over to Katz to congratulate them on their sandwich. It was a loving meatfest between two trucks. Thing of beauty.

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    I don’t know about the Katz n’ Dogs truck- Where has it been?

    I was taking a look at the Meatballs cart today.

    They have 3 different types of meatballs (beef, turkey, etc) and 3 types of sauce. They spelled Francese as FRANCHEESE. That turned me off, plus I think they are expensive.

    Sliders are $3.50. 3 balls on a hero $10. 2 balls on a roll $7.

    I know I will hear junk for this, but right now I can 8 meatballs on a fresh subway hero w/ cheese for $5. That beats 3 unknown, who knows where they have been balls on a hero for $10.

    • I hear that tho. I walked by all those carts/trucks yesterday and saw the prices and kept on walking. Diso’s too. Maybe i’ll splurge on K&D, since you guys are vouching. but that meatball cart? nothing more annoying than expensive street food.

      • Diso’s is worth it. One of the best sandwiches i’ve had in a long time.

      • Ok, maybe next time. I’m also going to throw Mausam into the mix. I knew i was balking at trying them again for a reason. Spent $9 for curry chicken, got 5 measly cubes of chicken (thankfully they werent dry or tough). but i sit here less than an hour removed and am starving. like, stomach seriously growling starving. Ugh.

      • Funny, I went to Mausam today — $8 for the chicken vindaloo, no naan — and my experience was a bit different. It contained, like the chicken saag I had a couple weeks ago, five or six rather decently-sized chicken cubes, lots of sauce, and a bunch of rice. Hit the spot, and spicy enough to please my palate. It’s a fine size for the average lunch, though I sit here hungry right now.

        It’s not better than Minar, and only marginally (60 cents) cheaper, but it’s way closer when I’m pressed for time.

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      love subway meatball subs

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      I ragged on Diso’s a while back because of their slowness and the system they had in place for queueing like orders and the guys goofing around using the window to hone their stand-up routine.

      I’d like to follow up and say that they finally upped their game – at least late in the day when I typically go.

      I see two new people doing most of the work and they are pretty efficient. One does the initial prep of the rolls and gets the sandwiches ready for the sliced to order meats, the other (a guy who I’m pretty sure I recognize from another food truck) does the slicing, final assembly, packing, and handoff to customer.

      Sandwiches I had were good and packed. Not sure what you get during the lunch crush.

  • I was eagerly waiting for NE to add options for meat on the the plain cheese pies. I’ve tried the di Parma and a Diavolo. While tasty, one thing I don’t like is they just add the meat after the pie cooks in the oven. So they just place 4 strips of cold prosciutto on top of the pie (for the di Parma). It was hard to eat that way becuase as soon as you bit into the prosciutto the entire slice of meat came off (difficult to chew off small piece without ripping the whole slice into your mouth). The a Diavolo was better in my opinion because it was a little spicy, and given how thin sliced the sausage was the heated pie/cheese somewhat heated the meat a little – but still had similar problem as the prosciutto in that its hard to not pull off the entire slice of sausage with one bite. Also the added peppers made it even more substantial.

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    Talking about Pastrami: You can get an amazing Pastrami on Rye at Edison Café for $8.50. With great steak fries it comes to $13 with tax.

    The sandwich is so huge that a co-worker and I can share the sandwich and fries and still be full.

  • Still can’t find Katz & Dogz on twitter or anywhere on web. Anyone know how to find where that truck is located?

  • Tried their margherita today…which i had to go back because they made a mistake and gave me the one with garlic instead. Anyway, I thought it could use more time in the oven but pizza as a whole, it was pretty good. Will I go back? Probably not because I was still hungry after spending almost $10 at a street truck.

  • K&D is on 52/6th again today. In front of Kimchi Taco.

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