Disappearing Dosa Cart Has Been Spotted

Apparently the Dosa Cart that was spotted on 39th and 7th a few weeks back and then promptly disappeared has moved one avenue East (or maybe it was always on 6th, who knows?) Bionic Bites twittered this photo yesterday, which we are pretty sure is from the NE Corner of 39th and 6th. Any dosa fans out there? Early adopters, let us know how this new cart is in the comments…


  • it’s 39th and 6th

  • so awesome went to check it out late at 2p today (unfortunately) so they ran out of potatos =( delicious nonetheless the guy says he’ll be there 11am to 6pm…he told me there was a massive line at noon…will have to check back next time!!!

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    pretty good though a little smallish dosa – it’s $5, not $4 as advertised on the photo above. I would say the quality is on par with the dosa place on 44th and lex (Grill 44) though maybe not as big and with not as much masala. eco-conscious – beware – you’ll get a styrofoam container for each dosa you order, and 2 small styrofoam containers for cocunut chutney and sambar. You’ll also get a spoon and all of this will be in a plastic bag. You can minimize some of this by bringing your own container, spoon and plastic bag.

  • Decent quality but there’s a conceptual problem when they put a crispy pancake into a styrofoam clamshell: it immediately becomes soggy and tough. I got the “very spicy” version but found barely any burn.

    In the name of science, I ordered their other offering: falafel. Again decent flavor but again sogginess problems, this time because the balls are pre-fried. The cart doesn’t have an on-board fryer.

    So my judgment is: nice try, not worth a detour.

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