El Rey Del Sabor’s Spicy Mexican Cheesesteak

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er Tom

And so it has officially begun… I went to El Rey Del Sabor (the Mexican cart on 60th and 3rd Ave.) or Monday for the first official payoff of the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge.  It’s called the “Alambre” on the sign advertising this new $6.50 sandwich- but I prefer to think of it as a “spicy Mexican cheesesteak.”  You may remember reading about this off-the-menu treat a few months back, when they served it to me as a plate lunch.  Thankfully they took my suggestion a turned it into a full fledged sandwich… and just in time to introduce it as their entry in the sandwich challenge.

Check it out after the jump…


Salted beef, sauteed with jalapenos, peppers, onions, and (I believe cotija) cheese.  It all gets slid onto a generic hoagie roll that’s been smeared with refried beans and topped with lettuce, tomato, and the sauce of your choice (according to one luncher, he’s developing a guac/sour cream sauce specifically for this sandwich.)  Originally the spicy part of the sandwich was habaneros, but they had trouble finding good ones this week, so jalapenos were substituted.  Not as spicy, obviously, but the thick cut, fresh jalapenos give it the whole thing a nice little kick.  Eventually, maybe he’ll bring the habaneros back.

The sandwich probably doesn’t need the lettuce and tomatoes, and I wouldn’t have minded a little extra meat… but all in all, if the idea of a spicy, Mexican style, philly cheesesteak sounds appealing to you- this will be your new favorite sandwich- and a perfect response to my sandwich challenge.  Reward them by going to try this now!

El Rey Del Sabor Cart, SW corner of 60th Street & 3rd Ave.


  • I just tried it. It’s SPICY! It’s also filling. Good sandwich.

  • Ouch! I’m tearing and my lips are seriously burning! Don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it.

  • Just got back from El Rey Del Sabor. I chose the Midtown Lunch special sandwich (spicy Mexican cheese steak) and a chicken empanada. The owners of the cart were touting the habanero peppers as extra spicy today, but I didn’t notice that – I’m VERY much into spicy peppers.

    Anyway, the sandwich was good, but carrying it back to the office caused it to become a bit soggy. The taste was better than a regular street cart cheese steak, but I think a LITTLE more spiciness from the peppers would have made it perfect. It is a good size, with a good portion of meat.

    The chicken empanada was DELICIOUS. I highly recommend it – for $1.50 it is a generous portion.

    Finally, the green salsa they make/serve is top notch. It is VERY spicy and very tasty. I wish every Mexican restaurant had it. They should bottle it and mass market it. That is how good it is.

    I leave you with a picture of the Midtown Lunch special being cooked:


  • Does anyone know if this is available at the sister cart on 49th & 3rd?

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