99 Miles to Philly Opening Today in Midtown East

99 Miles to Philly Now Open in Midtown East

A Lunch’er alerted me yesterday to the news that 99 Miles to Philly is opening a new location today on 52nd and Second.  (Though he failed to mention that it’s replacing Zip Burger, which had been closed for rennovations.)  2nd Ave. is out of bounds for most Midtown Lunch’ers, but philly cheese steak fans on the east side should be prety excited hear this news. I’m sure for many of you, it will be worth the extra walk- especially for those who consider it better than Carl’sIt opens at 11:30 today, so Early adopters, let us know how it is. Update: Confirmed Open.


  • I was kind of expecting more. The wait was almost unbearable. Cheese steak was good, although a little on the small side ( I actually found this preferable to over-sized sandwiches ). Cheese fries are amazing.

  • Have eaten there twice – maybe they got their act together since some of the earlier posts cause it was awesome both times. Best I’ve had outside of Philly.

  • I grew up in Philly, and 99 miles reminds me of the type of joint you would find in the ‘Burbs. Fitting given how far away we are from Philly. Anyway, comparing it to the other places I think Carl’s is pretty bad. I’m pretty sure they use dog meat in their steaks. Shorty’s isn’t bad, but is very inconsistent. Don’t try the Roast Pork–it pales in comparison to what you would find in S. Philly (i.e. it’s barely edible). 99 miles comes in a distant 2nd place to Woogies. Woogies has great steaks. Added bonus is emphasis on Philly sports & 3$ lager.

  • this was probably the greasiest thing i’ve ever eaten in my life…

    I make a weekly trip to Geno’s in philly with a few friends, and trust me..this does not compare!

    I should have just drank a gallon full of oil rather than eat the sandwich…same thing…I had stomach ache from all that oil

    And hot sauce? Comon dude…you can’t call “franks red hot sauce” a real hot sauce…the stuff at genos, I put about 4-5 drops and I’m done!…you can’t use Franks on a cheesesteak

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