No Love for Midtown Lunch on Burger Wall


Last week, my boss made the trip over to 45th btw. 5+6th to try the newest Goodburger location, and when he returned asked me a pretty good question. 

“Why arent you on Goodburger’s wall of quotes?”. 

Good question wise and all knowing boss.  Why isn’t Midtown Lunch up on that wall?

So I went back and read my original post on Goodburger from a year and a half ago, and realized the problem.  Quotes like “it’s just another fast food place in Midtown- that happens to use quality ingredients” and “once you resign yourself to paying the money it’s a good Midtown Lunch”, aren’t going to get me up on no wall.  I hear you talkin’ Goodburger.  You want something with zazz!

So, in an effort to get up on Goodburger’s quote wall, I realized I needed to come up with something awesome.  A perfect quote, ready made for them to use, and posted on the site.  And after I do that, how could they deny Midtown Lunch burger wall immortality? How’s this…

“Goodburger is the best burger and fries combo meal in the city (if only it was $2 cheaper).”

They can leave out that last part if they want…


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