Saigon Cuisine Brings Quality Pho to University City

Saigon Cuisine is the new Vietnamese spot in University City. Inside, though the decor is pretty sparse (let’s get some art up in there!), it is spacious and very clean.  Also worth noting, the service was friendly and the food was brought out fast. The menu has a whole range of meaty, veggy, and noodley options. I stuck with the basics to feel out the place since it was my first visit.

We started with some house special spring rolls that came with some slightly pickled turnip and carrot and the nuoc cham dipping sauce. These were basic; the filling wasn’t memorable  though the rolls were crispy without being greasy.

A beef vermicelli bowl came with more of the pickled vegetables and sauce. The rolled up beef pieces were perfectly grilled and extremely flavorful. However, I was quite confused to find a sliver of pure fat inside each roll. I had to unroll each piece and remove the fat because it was not at all appetizing. I added grilled shrimp to the bowl for a few extra dollars.

A simple bowl of Pho can always tell you a lot about a Vietnamese restaurant. Saigon’s broth was rich and soothing. A truly stellar version; it didn’t even require any additional vinegars/ oils/ spices. It made up for the fact that the brisket inside it was unimpressive. The broth was so enjoyable that some friends of mine completely devoured the cold leftovers via drinking it out of the plastic container it was packed in. You can’t get a much better seal of approval.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Great pho broth
  • Good service

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Fat slivers are not for me

Saigon Cuisine, 4000 Chestnut St, 215 222-9777


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