Lunch Links (The “Could You Imagine Eating Only Pizza For A Month?”Edition)

Photo Courtesy of The Sneeze

  • Jake’s, a new sandwich place is opening next month on 12th and Walnut, looking at the menu I can’t help but be drawn to the whole roasted pig and the fact that you can get your sandwich over fries [Phoodie]
  • Check out Steve’s hilarious recaps of the terrible things he eats (ex: potted meat) [The Sneeze]
  • I should probably shut my mouth about being sick of pizza; Nick attempts to eat nothing but pizza for an entire month [PizzaRules via Slice]
  • A peek at Starr’s newest venture- El Rey [Grubstreet]
  • Northeast Philly looks lucky to have the rotisserie Peruvian chicken at El Baloncito []


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