Tochka Makes an Excellent Lavash Wrap


It’s a sad truth, but many people probably stopped reading this post after the title. Made their mental note (“Tochka = Good. Got it.  Let’s move on.”)  And sure enough, it’s those people that will inevitably leave the comment a week from now telling me how terrible Tochka is.  Because the newly open flatbread sandwiches place on Sunset in West Hollywood is really just ok,  an importantly tidbit that you now know because you actually decided to read on. I wouldn’t drive across town for anything on their menu, but if I worked in the neighborhood there is something I’d go back for.  Something kind of awesome.  Something that I never even really liked, until I tried Tochka’s version…


Tochka’s menu has all the buzzwords you like to see on a menu that tows the line between Armenia and Turkey: there’s lahmajoun and soujouk, iskendar kebab and sfiha, plus boreg and kashkawan.  And the brick oven behind the counter is enough to get you excited for fresh baked breads.  Sadly, though, most of the “sandwiches” (which are really just open faced flatbreads of assorted shapes and sizes) are pre-cooked and then warmed up when you order them. Including the lahmajoun.


This soujouk and cheese “sandwich” was fine, but probably would have much better if it had been baked fresh.


The revelation at Tochka are the Saj Wraps ($6.99), which you can get stuffed with falafel, cauliflower, eggplant or gyro. I’ve never really been a fan of Lebanese or Armenian lavash, preferring the puffy goodness of an Israeli pita or laffa as my container of choice.  But Tochka might change all that.  Their “saj” is homemade and delicious, reminding me more of a chewy freshly cooked roti or paratha than the boring pre packaged lavash that most places use to make their wraps.  Oh, and don’t be frightened by the cauliflower.  I haven’t gone soft on you all, I thought it was going to be battered and deep fried.  Amazingly it was still good, a testament to the great bread.


If you’re a fan of mezze, the vegan platter is totally solid.  Hummus, baba ganouj, and grape leaves were all very good.


And the falafel made me regret my cauliflower decision even more.

They did have a doner/shawarma spit behind the counter but it was empty, so I’d stay away from the gyro for now.  I saw them assembling one  for another customer using pre fabbed slices of gyro that were heated up in the bread on a grated tray.   Not appetizing.  Of course I’m guessing most of the people who didn’t read this far will probably end up ordering the gyro… and it serves them right.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • The taj that they use to make their wraps is really special.  So good.
  • The falafel was really tasty, as is the hummus, baba ganoush and grape leaves.
  • Lahmajoun in West Hollywood!?  That’s awesome… who cares that it’s pre-cooked and then warmed up when you order it?
  • The place is tiny.  You can’t expect them to make everything to order.

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • All the pre cooked breads on the counter are sad!  I wish they cooked the stuff to order.
  • Uh… none of the “oven fresh sandwiches” are actually sandwiches.  They’re all open faced flatbread type things.
  • The gyro looks completely pre processed.  You’ve got a spit, use it!
  • I was really hoping the cauliflower would be battered and deep fried. Very disappointing.
  • The pita bread they give you with the mezze is out of a package.

Tochka, 8915 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood 424-278-1360


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