Baby’s Bombshell Patty Melt Available As Off the Menu Special


With all the ruckus over Grill Em All’s “Great Food Truck Race” victory over the Nom Nom Truck a few months ago, it’s easy to forget that earlier in the year Grill Em All was actually bested by Baby’s Badass Burger Truck on Travel Channel’s “Food Wars”.  It’s hard to beat Grill Em All’s seared fennel smoked sausage gravy and maple syrup topped burger (aka The Molly Hatchet) but when it comes to just the burger itself, Baby’s is surprisingly awesome- provided you order it medium rare. So, when I spotted this special posted on the Baby’s Badass Burger Truck, how could I resist?


Fans of the website A Hamburger Today will be familiar with this concept… take a burger, sandwich it between two grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon, and voila!  $10 is a lot for lunch, but you are getting two grilled cheese sandwiches and a burger so it’s hard to complain.  You could just get a bacon cheeseburger but somehow that just doesn’t seem as good.  Just remember to ask it for it medium rare.  (Clearly you can see I forgot.)

Originally the sandwich was only available as a special, but I found out last week they’ll pretty much make it every day… you just have to know to ask for it.  Baby’s will be on Pennsylvania today (btw. 26th and Stewart) in Santa Monica, or you can follow them via Twitter.

Burger Truck Showdown: Baby’s Badass vs. Grill ‘Em All


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