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you will feel they are very strong for the life

I don't know Mr Chirac did I in fuzhou dialect translation between Louis Vuitton and done? In Japan, when it comes to fujian, many Louis Vuitton immediately and crime together, is really heartbreaking. Fujian's character, there are two extremes, bears hardships and stands hard work, but is fond of adventure. I wrote an article drifted fujian why foreign land, the personality characteristics of fujian, were analyzed. In fact, in Japan, many successful fujian, too. http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/10/30/although-there-sensitive-words-my Today, my two person of hometown ah, a standing in the dock wipe tears sadly, sitting in front of the judge a noble high back leather chair, calm and wisdom handed under different languages to upload. The meaning of the judges, prosecutors, lawyers have to through he preached to the defendant. Go with my administrative books and told me that she often deal with fujian, said accurate, are from fujian province, and crime, and more to do with the f please people. I said, you never feel afraid? She said, no, talk to them, don't think the other is the perpetrator, first of all, them as ordinary people, even as a friend to heart, you will feel they are very strong for the life of thought.



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