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you said that house prices reasonable unreasonable

A simple example, Mr. Xu is now an investment company, general manager of his stand in the Angle of the investment company to analyze his problem, on behalf of their interests is nothing wrong. Is he will clear me in such a enterprise, I illustrated my corporate interests, only the points clear, everybody to give expression to the interest of time, we can go to all kinds of interests between the game, and then to competition, to achieve a balance of interests. The buyer of the conflict of interests and the interests of property owners will always be Wu Xiaoman: you just talked about the different economists can serve the interests of different groups? Economists seem to represent the public interest groups have now been criticized very much, you often contentious relationship with this? Yi xianrong, a: I think that has nothing to do. Important not important or not to separate basic deftly, that is to say who criticize you? Because the public is very dispersed. The interests of the public with a forever a group, business interests are in conflict, such as the interests of the real estate enterprises conflict of the interests of the people that buy a house is with us, in this case, if I want to tell the interests of the vast majority of people that buy a house, http://www.levriersetcieentreamis.com/ real estate enterprises is certainly not happy, it doesn't matter. We want to through this description, this kind of explanation to tell the public, let them to tell how I express these things a concept, who represents the interests. I speak of real estate, if people know more information, knowledge increases, not purchase behavior decision-making more scientific than in the past, I think that is enough, I can't make decisions on their behalf, I mainly tell the public now what happened to our society, what has happened to the real estate market. All kinds of information in the hands of the people, they can compare and analysis, will be able to make decisions according to their own situation. Wu Xiaoman: you write this article is much also, for the present situation of the real estate bubble, to the current real estate? Yi xianrong, a: at present the view of the real estate I wrote numerous articles. For the current real estate market, the biggest problem is that the whole market interests balance, real estate development enterprises bought not balance the interests of the people with us. We will analysis of the unbalanced interest in where? For example we people that buy a house because of high house prices, a lifetime to buy a small house, a lifetime lifetime salary with his parents money money to buy a small house, the family, you said that house prices reasonable unreasonable?



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