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women also have a virgin complex

In fact, women with men, women also have a virgin complex, modern society, men are so slutty , if there is a virgin before you, needless to say , to give you eight words , rather wrong on , were not spared . It is said that the first man to own a tired woman will have a complex concept difficult to let go . If you can get this man, because he might lose your virginity with you and ignore all the shortcomings of your body , and then learn to adult men care of you, love you , but also occasionally in front of you needed to blow off Johnson , because he was not the first time powerful , but only you know. Want to be a big woman , then find a virgin it. Second, the romantic warmth of grace and elegance man. His tie was always so neat cuffs , never contaminated dust on the shoes, not a word of vulgar words, always so calm, joy , smiles appear when you need. Such a man can not be met , perhaps you only drink coffee together or moon 's fate , but his noble, gentlemanly make you yearn for a lifetime , so faced with this man, if the atmosphere is suitable , affordable mood , do not denied, do not hesitate. Third, the character frank , uninhibited rough man. Maybe he was sloppy , glib , often love makes you angry , can someone bullying someone, he would use a solid arm to protect you. He worked hard for you , to let you do a lot of stupid things you did not know that he was hurt and do not you worry, he loved a woman in the middle of the deal , drunk and even go to bed with another woman , but the thing you love most . In this love, protection , women will like a small woman , if you like to do a small woman, with him. Fourth, the beginnings and ends of righteous men . From day one like you , you are all his , you are the earth , he is the moon , your smile is his good mood. With you , then he will not divert attention to other women who serve you are his lifelong career.




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