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With the diversification of public space expansion of

Commentary length short, superficial, not seeking comprehensive and profound, but for a variety of social phenomena have covered. With the diversification of public space expansion of Louis Vuitton Belts society and the media, the press commentary has increasingly become an integral part of the style, but also became a published public opinion for some of the social issues important window. For quick response and positive statements problem is airing a higher degree of openness of social performance, but also reflects the Louis Vuitton Belts community in the process of rapid development and change in the social reality of public concern about the height of commentary. Many commentary can hits the mark, express public opinion, reflecting the trend of public opinion and the livelihood of the practical requirements for quite active and positive social impact. Meanwhile, the commentary is the traditional paper media and the Internet open up the results. Some net assessment on the Internet, http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/08/08/commentary-have-become-popular-new due to its characteristics from competing newspapers reprinted the object. The Commentary newspaper, if influential, and the thread will be reproduced wave formation in the network. Some network comment writers also because its text is fresh or spicy traditional paper media that draw on to become a columnist. So online and the potential to form a mutually support each other's horns, often greatly expand the remarks of space for the community to fully understand the public's opinion there is a very positive value.



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