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With a little apologetic

With a little apologetic. For a cup, but still feel sad. Little fear. Stop here. I cherish the memory of the dead road with blue garbage glass. * Another * red nails painted bright red nails, although they're still full of fear, in fact, in my opinion you are right they disdain. Wearing a black coat, only the red can make it not so boring, somewhat dull. The only way to let you know that I am very far away, remember me. Unwashed hands, because of the cold and pale hands, put the red against the background of exceptionally bright, but also you say terror. But you're still willing to hold my hand to cross the road. I started laughing. * Blue short-sleeved * passing SOGO, buy fresh sushi, there are chunks of eel treasure. Satisfied to leave. Think of the message you gave me, eat well, sleep well. The weather is hot, really began to heat up. Bought a new short-sleeved. Blue, dark blue as the sea. Thick cotton surface, feels feel anxiety. Very greedy spray on your HUGO, publicity throughout the summer. * RBT * in Baoding, I found a triple play of NIKE, playing two fold PUMA, there is nobody cares RBT. Like the dim light, the same familiar swing. To the ice Sha Moka, hear their teeth to chew the CHA - CHA sound. Beijing's RBT is always overcrowded, and that next time we are not going to take the train to go there? ! You must have been scared half to death with my decision now. Amuse you. Carved next to the light better. * Juicy Couture * big bag, put all your secrets. Pumping belt, lace, bows, red, pink, gold. Put her on the side, always feel that they are tender and beautiful princess. * Home * sitting zips train home. Open the door to see the new Pharaoh dyed black hair. Yes ah yes ah came home. Rolling on the floor at home the big orange skinned oranges, green honey sit proudly balcony big pots child, my warm bed that is also not the same as four days before shaping children's booth there. Drink a large glass of water, through the heart of children's cold.



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