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while Tianjin teacher let the students

while Tianjin teacher let the students from the class slapped ; while Zhuhai teacher command students slap each other ear Palestinian child ; well with tongs Xi'an neck clip student teacher ; command class teacher and forced to kneel in Sichuan , Guizhou teacher student eating stool . The teacher's behavior , can be said that very few people 's personal behavior, but his influence , but it is the image of teachers throughout the province and the whole country. I know that in China , there 's more than the teaching profession and the industry , there are many scenes of violence . Only those who do not have the education sector industry good exposure. Thus , teachers seem to be some of the violence . I also understand that today's children are bad management , in addition to being spoiled and pampered them too opinionated , but also know a lot of former rebel not understand , self, fair or something . Sometimes the home with an adult debate , often gained the upper hand . In this case , we adults ( including teachers ) is to use force to suppress them in order to cover up their own incompetence ? Or strengthen their own moral and educated , with a strong charisma to inspire them? Perhaps , the traditional teaching profession has been out of fashion , on this point , my idea is not already outdated . Here, I do not intend for your life and behavior accuse . I was just thinking , education implemented by violent means used in children who will affect their views on the future of life and the world. Said the big points, which relates to the future of our country's future technological development and democracy . That small point is also related to a person's physical and mental health . Could not help but you do not recognize my son under your tune, mental health has not quite it. His brother's remark is proof. Truths talk so much , can not listen , it all depends on you to it. Hopefully, you can listen to a little inside, save mistakes.



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