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When we love is sincere

When we love is sincere , and each also each have a crush . But now the situation I'm sure she is not acceptable . But I know that she once knew I knew her experience , in particular, to leave her , she will be broken pot broken , there is likely to make things not conducive to her family , so I now also had to cope with, I do not know when this day coming to an end ? And his girlfriend live together there are more than six months , during which time , the feelings between us also with the rapid warming , just like a living as husband and wife , it also makes me feel the benefits of living in cohabitation . Because we are for marriage and cohabitation are serious , so the infinite pleasures of life . However , after cohabitation , a major problem is that I have to consider how to really build your own home , how to give her a stable home . This problem has now become my endeavors , therefore , my pressure upwards. House and tickets become today's most needed to fight . However,



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