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When domestic inflation is the main root of

When domestic inflation is the main root of ( Belts prices ) does not resolve the case , the government wants to make an overall decline in the price level or inflation pressures ease Would not it be futile ? It can be said , let the slowing domestic inflation pressures , the most critical is to adopt market-oriented economic policies so that high prices gradually reduced. From 2010 onwards Currently , the government introduced a number of real estate policy , also advocated by the real estate tax policy to curb high prices , come out of the real estate bubble , but so far , these mature markets worldwide effective government is the real estate tax policy not introduced. Government's real estate policy intent is so, how can we adjust domestic prices high ? Domestic blew out a huge real estate bubble , how can ? Prices do not adjust , the real estate bubble is not out of the entire economy , how can drop the price level ? This is the main source of the current high inflation less than lies. You can see , as I pointed out two years ago , Replica Belts's real estate bubble has this huge plague infection from first-tier cities to second and third tier cities in the country . In two years, the strong real estate policy , second and third tier cities , and even fourth-tier cities Belts prices are not falling , but in rising . The national Belts prices , Belts is not in short supply, or supply and demand changes , but overall the people regard Belts as a tool flourishes or money-making tools . I recently to quite a few four-tier cities , the urban Belts speculation is also rife. A few years ago tier cities saw Belts Heidengxiahuo phenomenon has begun to spread to all of the city overall . Everywhere around the country vacant Belts . When the government 's policy to encourage people across the country to its speculative Belts as making money , Belts prices is inevitable , while the price hikes have become the root cause inflation to rise . Therefore, if the government does not use effective economic levers to adjust the overall real estate prices fundamentally , the domestic inflation in order to be resolved is impossible. Thus , the domestic real estate market from the current situation and trend of inflation , due to soaring domestic prices did not get really curb the real estate bubble is not out , so prices soaring in order not to affect the overall price level rose is impossible .




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