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What Factors Decide the Price of Coal Slime Dryer?

<p>With the development trends of coal slime dryer, there will be some second hand coal slime dryer, and their prices are various from each other. When buying a secondhand dryer, customers should pay more attention to the quality rather than the price.</p><p>Coal slime dryer price is generally in accordance with the production requirements of customers and the capacity of the machine. For example, many tons of materials it can dry per hour, or the drying percentage of water content. If customers want to know the real price of slime drying machine, you should consult the price after knowing about your own needs. The determinants of slime dryer price are as follows:</p><p>1. The cost of raw materials.</p><p>Slime drying machine is composed of the cylinder, front and back rollers, feeding dev



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