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Well people are always walking uphill

For yeoman , this is very important. Today, the team came to town only eleven individuals, including Health Net ugly plus late musician drum teacher Daza division, an average of one person served more than three roles. Before , they gave two performances in another town , its biggest gain their masters wusheng action in making a difficult somersault broken his leg, it's not because he wanted to try to be brave , but now viewers eyes Diao , As long as the speech was a little place, and tomorrow they could not sell tickets . Do not Look at two yuan a small ticket , that's troupe of life. Because of the show accident in the neighboring town they be dead. When they came to this town , he was named conductor of the martial artist still has not conceal his sadness. His legs tied plaster and bandages , sitting in the theater entrance is hopeless , which for a once proud and martial pride on stage is very cruel , but it can have any other way to do it ? We can not let other people sell tickets , because of his injuries, others live even heavier , the exhibition at the door of his own leg , remorse is clearly more than humiliation . Then there are two hours away from the show tonight singing ChangBanPo , My Kingdom is being played by the hero of the stage strapped to a pot with three stones sweet potato . His wife - is about to play in the drama of Tsing Yi, Ms. Liu Bei was sitting on a rock next to a young son feeding. Before makeup, they Kawanishi dam yard with all the middle-aged farmer is no different , but their eyes slightly a hint of sadness , this is art for the sole benefit of their gift . At the same time , part-time play Liu Bei's troupe encountered a huge problem - a few minutes ago , he got a message that he personally trained female students, the rising star of this team - they suddenly hit a guarantee from him tonight away , reportedly defected to another team go. But it did give him the team 's vow to say every show to give one yuan 5 cents appearances subsidies. Well people are always walking uphill !



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