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we have to overcome the institutional problem

To sum up, we have to overcome the institutional problem, you must proceed while promoting economic reform and political reform, and political reform must be the guiding concept of modern politics, otherwise it will not advance to force a breakthrough is likely to bring the party's ruling crisis and social crisis.Second, the world by the political system to the core values of the game into the game as the fulcrum of the times, http://mbtloweprice.blog.co.uk/ we must find a new growth point of spiritual powerAfter the Cold War, the end of ideology, the clash of civilizations, the core values of the game such thoughts become mainstream, the nature of these thoughts or focus of the game is that the world's countries have been reviewed by the political system as the core to the core values and the degree of civilization as the core direction migration. This is bound to challenge us, because so far, or spiritual strength of our society from the political struggle or class antagonism theory, although the system is no longer such a discourse, but ways of thinking and value judgments does not really change. The problem is the political environment in the world is no longer supported by the original spirit of the ways and means of the excitation force, that is, http://pinterest.com/mbtshoesuk/mbt-shoes-ukcheap-mbt-shoes-clearance-sale-free-sh/ although the worldwide class struggle has not been eliminated, but at the national level has been the demise of class antagonism, the problem is We also did not like the West to gain spiritual strength through religion, which determines the need to find a new growth point of spiritual power. As the world enters the core values as the fulcrum of the times, then the new growth point of spiritual power is very important to reflect on the establishment of the Christian Louboutin Shoes Communist Party of Christian Louboutin's core values and core values.



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