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Was supposed to justice

Was supposed to justice , Ma Ying-jeou 's operating practices and impatience left many handle, let the people of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou extreme dissatisfaction with extreme anger ! Chen and Taiwan's prosecutors investigate the case and found there to assist Kuo Chen Chen Guan said suspect. Taiwanese law, the Court approved prescription only effective listening is three months, which is the authority for its listeners Ker Chien-ming . July 2011 Chen was detained for 12 years in November Chen sentenced to 18 years. However, the use of the Special Investigation Unit should only be valid for three months listening franchise , but listen opposition parliamentary leader , as long as more than two years !
August 31, 2013 the Attorney-General Wang Jin Huang Shiming get involved in lobbying the QSO records, reports overnight Ma Ying-jeou . Taiwan law : Special Investigation Unit shall be entitled to any form of contact with the top leaders , and more indiscriminately to disclose them on the merits of cases in the third person . Ma Ying-jeou informed , the Special Investigation Unit on September 5 signed junction illegal monitoring over 20 months old listener license to publish the next day with the merits of the press conference .
Special Investigative Unit in the public Wang Jin Guan said the merits of the process, not only violated more than ten statute , and there is no administrative investigation authority . Since Ma Ying-jeou signed before the end of the week involved in the case in real terms , and a purge of political opponents to take advantage of the fact that the case , which in essence constitute the offense with monitoring, investigating the case of illegal complicity , perhaps this is Ma Ying-jeou yesterday Luo Zhiqiang sudden resignation of Director of the Office of Legal background.
By spy rule has been the modus operandi of the Kuomintang , the Communist Party of hate crimes is one of the former ruling National Government more than twenty years , the order in the system with the KMT KMT spy organization as the representative of the rapid development and expansion openly boarded the political and military arena. In complex chaotic background, spy organization , due to its special status and role in the domestic and foreign affairs activities play an important role in a number of activities and even spy organization directly affects the process of historical development , as the history of the Republic of lowell smile center a clean slate is difficult to stain .
Chiang Kai-shek fled the mainland, still continues in spy rule of philosophy, was down for decades in Taiwan resist and fight until the Kuomintang regime changed hands , justice was gradually on track , if the political struggle within the party again because Ma first enable the secret means , even if justice initiatives , it will probably suffer Taiwan government and opposition. Haizhu District , Guangzhou City People's Court on the 12th of the Housing Uncle Cai Bin, made 11 years in prison six months of first instance verdict , and after Shaanxi right Cousin Young reached before the trial not to mention watch, house Uncle up 21 sets of real estate sources and processing is also not mentioned .
October 2012 , when he was chased Guangzhou Panyu District Bureau of Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau , political commissar of the Cai Bin Branch Report was sitting on 22 sets of real estate users , the Commission for Discipline Inspection to verify it with the family actually owns 21 sets of real estate .



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