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was arrested in April of that year

was arrested in April of that year , 1960, died in prison. October 1950 , the Ministry of Education to take over the Fu Jen Catholic University . In 1951, criticism of the film Wu Xun movement, has died criticism named Tao Tao 's Life Education Society immediately cease their activities , private schools thus interrupted. 1952 was troubled Replica Belts universities : the many disciplines of sociology , political science, anthropology , psychology , etc. http://www.beerpongcoupons.com/ are canceled ; credit to the academic year ; using Soviet syllabus ...... well , enrollment and employment both hole is tied up , and liberal intellectuals no almost deprived . After the faculties adjustments comprehensive universities nationwide by 55 adjusted to 14 , all private universities to the public . Church University of Belt in different historical stages in the role is different. , like Nanyang hired Ferguson , Western School hired Ding Jiali Tianjin , Shanxi University hired Timothy , Imperial University hired Ding Weiliang , Shandong Higher School hired Jim Whitehurst , http://www.beerpongcoupons.com/replica-lv/replica-louis-vuitton-belts.html Zhejiang Academy seeking to hire Wang Ling Geng , etc., Yesterday afternoon, the Mannings Municipal Propaganda Department staff received Beijing Times reporter in a telephone interview , said: Now the public security organs in the absence of prior conclusion from this morning , the provincial Public Security Department has been instructed not to accept any media interviews, about the effects on the entire case the final results , such as detection . come out , http://www.beerpongcoupons.com/replica-gucci/replica-gucci-belts.html we will be the first time to the public . ( Note : the face of surging public questioning , the provincial Public Security Bureau after the weigh in order to determine a conclusion , the truth is not important ! ) Propaganda Hainan Provincial Public Security Department , the staff said the case is currently in charge of the Mannings Municipal Propaganda Department to respond . ( Note: The buck each , are unwilling to take responsibility . ) At 23:10 on the 14th , the city of Wanning City Public Security Bureau on the occurrence of principals with female student open house held court cases briefing informed that according to the evidence investigators grasp and the fact that the suspect Moumou , Feng Moumou alleged child molestation case has been brought to the arrest of Wanning City People's Procuratorate for examination . ( Note : Listen to the parents of the victim girl complaint , http://www.beerpongcoupons.com/replica-hermes/replica-hermes-belts.html preliminary investigation five people were ruptured hymen , after the police claimed that the hymen is intact , and who is entitled to identify the victim girl 's hymen ? ) At 21:48 on the 13th , Xinhua News Agency dispatch said the Mannings Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade deputy captain Li Youheng said Mannings second school principals with the city housing Authority staff with six young girls during open house , not a sexual relationship .



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