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village official corruption in trade power

http://www.espressoitaliangrille.com/index.html According to the guangzhou statistics of political science and law, baiyun district, guangzhou city only 101 members in recent 4 years for corruption lok ma, most involved in the requisition, for the neo-treasure hill ACTS as an umbrella. Followed by the amount of corruption. Guangdong zhongshan torch development zone palace three flower village, village cadres in 10 years, in which land expropriation compensation is as high as 1.27 yuan. In general, corruption is over ten million yuan can call big corruption, corrupt, not a senior or key officials it's hard to do. Village official is also called an officer, and in fact is not the ordinary civil servants, in reality, however, some village officials voracious appetite and corrupt capability is enough to make many high-ranking officials. Unlike ordinary corruption, village official corruption in trade power, more than a money transactions. In short, the eyes of the rural land became many village official's flesh. With the advancement of urbanization, many municipal construction projects and commercial projects gradually shift to urban and rural copula and outspread, make urban land to rise sharply, become the key area, regulation of illegal buildings demolished and relocated on requisitioned land.



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