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Uncover the buying and attempted voir behind

There is a story worth mentioning , the famous British pop singer Robbie Williams , originally in the London Olympics closing ceremony of the show singing his hit singles more than the first . However, due to his wife 's due date is almost coincident with the closing ceremonies , (http://www.icanfund.org) Robbie Williams then withdrew these Olympics closing ceremony . News , people did not blame him selfish , there is no overall sense , but for his humanity move and pay tribute .Athletes suffering deliberately enlarged family history , is a morbid aesthetic ; put athletes are busy training , and even family members are gone , even the family are desperate , as the dedication and patriotism to big plus praise , this is a misleading concept is distorted emotions . As athletes deliberately concealing the death of their loved ones , fear of bad news disturbed athletes preparing for , seemingly is responsible for athletes , in fact, harm the family , is the largest ruthless . Looking forward to the day , a little joy to our athletes , humane , and all this morbid aesthetic needs to be corrected , but more dilute gold baton effect . Athletes both really love sports , but spare the family and enjoy the affection, truly humanistic interpretation of the Olympic spirit . Uncover the buying and attempted voir behind



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