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two people under the late 6 and a half

See the yunnan team lost to 2-2, shi jie backward situation, tenacious struggle, first to survive to fight back, again after death spell endgame, two people under the late 6 and a half after the final endgame, the referee counted, shown on the disc Zhou Heyang ZhiBai 176. Shi jie's narrow victory, the yunnan team 3 to 1. Win this round, yunnan team again. As long as behind several rounds of normal play, it should be said that avoid relegation. But the shandong team down fifth consecutive defeat, if you want to keep the position of the top three, must recover as soon as possible. News from kunming municipal government, http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/08/16/yunnan-team-currently-ranked-eighth said the kunming municipal public security technology to guard against management regulations will take effect on November 15th, required in the press and publishing, telecommunications, postal and other units of the key parts and airports, railway stations, shopping malls, entertainment venues, schools and other places of the main channel dimension system is established.



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