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to the world left a very deep impression

In conclusion, the report term Prime Minister , Zhu Rongji had chimed in , I hope ( refer to the Standing Committee ) has given me a fairer assessment , eight two open , seven three open , I will accept it : I personally care about nothing . Fifth open , I will accept it .
Before retirement , Zhu was recognized as a workaholic , fifty years of work , has become his lifestyle and Second Life . In particular, his most serious expression , stern attitude , sharp language , sharp eyes , and his work decisive, bold , vigorous and resolute , and The Untouchables , upright style of work, to the world left a very deep impression, but also to many officialdom people awe even gingerly !
After retirement, Zhu maximum principle is not talking about work , and no longer hold any honorary or substantive positions , because he did not want once again against their will , when no time to regret . Zhu reclusive, very low key , most of the time closed thank- home reading, no longer appeared in public . He made it clear that , not in its place , not their government . He even often ordinary man humor himself .
Zhu very concerned with their later years , depending on the clear name above everything else. Officials fear I Yan , and fear I Lian ; lowell smile center dissatisfied I can , and I serve the public ; public then the people did not dare slow , inexpensive and the officials did not dare bully. Public Health Ming Lian -wei . Zhu Rongji will recite childhood this motto , and always insisted on their own , but he seems to prefer to each retired officials can understand this principle.



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