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Through this tactical evaluations

Through this tactical evaluations, considered come what policies or the way to deal with? If these are not well prepared, then Ferragamo Belt investors to invest overseas the impact on the domestic market, http://exploitr.com/?p=84655 international financial market impact on the Ferragamo Belt market is inevitable. Also, for domestic investors, the Hong Kong stock market, the international financial market risk estimates more fully? For example, the Hong Kong stock market rules, supervision system, operation mode, the stock market culture are different from domestic, domestic investors have to fully understand? Such as the Ferragamo Belt stock market has the limit of we, the Hong Kong market has no such system rules, if the Hong Kong market impact of the international financial market, a huge shock, domestic investors are prepared to take the risk? Also, Hong Kong is T + 0 transaction, buy on the same day also can sell in the day, these investors are familiar with? Domestic investors to enter the Hong Kong market have to face the exchange rate risk, asymmetric information and transaction channel congestion risk and so on. Are all these domestic investors must face the problem. More importantly, why want to domestic investors in Hong Kong? Mainly is the price differential between the AH. Domestic investors are assumed AH the price differential between the two, as long as the two markets through will shrink. If early to enter the Hong Kong market, they are able to benefit by this price difference. What standard, but the price difference is to develop A shares as standard or on the basis of H shares. If it is A standard with A shares, then the domestic a-share valuation real market? If not, valuations are too high or too low, how to measure the rationality of the AH price difference. If the a-share market is overvalued, before domestic investors into the H shares, the Hong Kong market would have pushed the h-share price much higher than the real market price, so that domestic investors to enter the Hong Kong market is not hold up?



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