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through the valley between tn nike requin

About three or four months ago!!!! The king of the world cross-country battle, is also the athletes : of Salomon Kilian Jornet, like a goat run through the valley between the cliffs of the film began to be are powered by Facebook friends crazy mustered, with the praise, sharing at the same time, Furthermore follow the trend for this group of film (Kilian 's Quest) captivated, fantasy...

chaussures de course pas cher Unexpected is, in many than a month ago I have the honor to become a Salomon Taiwan signing gamers, and first contact with the merchandise is Salomon Running in the conditions competition Team S , LAB equipment.

In Azines - LAB series of the most common wild shoes, called "Sense",

About three or four months before!!!! The king of the world cross-country rush, is also the athletes ( blank ) of Salomon Kilian Jornet, like a goat run through typically the valley between the cliffs within the film began to be operated with Facebook friends crazy mustered, by the praise, sharing at the same time, Furthermore, i follow the trend for this combination of film (Kilian 's Quest) serious, fantasy...

air max 90 hyp prm Unexpected is, in many than a month ago I have the honor to become a Salomon Taiwan signing gamers, and first contact with this system is Salomon Running in the expectations competition Team S - LAB equipment.

In Vertisements - LAB series of the best wild shoes, called "Sense", that is definitely developed by Salomon shoe engineers together with Kilian race shoes, and my personal contact Salomon's first pair of running shoes.

From Salomon racing series devices features and Sense in the clean white with a massive flame red, and the sales of racing, appearance is similar to this marathon shoes, shoe which has a breathable, and patent technological know-how of tongue - ENDOFITTM as a result of internal cladding arches, wear right up very comfortable and dependable, with color of cross-country shoes from the wilderness, just as its name, only one tree.

nike air max pas cher To adapt it soon as possible to deal with related events, so the first getting together with, I will bring it to the mountain ranges around with off-road terrain fluff running! With the same weapons, if the mind Kilian running form and also move feeling, I will make an attempt to do that...

In the process of moving, diving, I found that Sense looking for lightweighting (weight: 195 g) instead of the rushing in relative unnecessary pressure too thick (such as: shoes and boots on abdominal support), and choose to strengthen (hardening) shoe survive to protect the most vulnerable toes, foot are very smart! This is often many lightweight cross-country running shoes normally ignore a key on the structure, no one wants to play at the same time, the trouble across for toes success hard rock and the discomfort to stop...

Is originated in Western world, but the width of the shoe last is very suitable for the natives, moving space, not to make this width can allow basically feet swell gradually in long distance running, and Salomon Very low Heel drop and PROFEEL Motion picture technology, is close to the bottoms of your feet to the ground if your radian design, cooperate with embedded in the bottom of a TPU mesh Roll film, to increase after the step to progress the efficiency, stability, and even protect the runners mid-foot of the foot.

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Sense of light in weight racing concepts, let it variety much like we are familiar with the clear way of running shoes, marathon shoes. Light-weight chassis, unavoidable concern that it is wear resistance...

Over the mad run training, I will see it back in taichung, do a lot of time long road running, the results showed that within 4 min/Km pace, for the asphalt road mileage acquired more than 100 kilometers, with zero significant wear and tear, is Salomon technology, and practice, the better, because I i'm running focus more steps becomes lightsome? ^ ^

When it comes to Salomon shoes need to be mentioned "fast buckles shoelaces system" (Quicklace system), The style let me in this year, The North Face 100 k cross-country challenge midway conversion zone, job The power of The blowing promptly in shoes, quick and reliable to enter cross-country race.

Strange... What exactly relationship with safety? Is that the quickdraw program if poorly designed, not only will make the vamp after tighten accommodating, instep discomfort, still allow for your shoelaces ding-dong sway, external that easy to hook to your obstacles during the activity, bring on tragedy. And Salomon quickdraws system, as a consequence of special patent shoes collocation system design, make the vamp after firm force on average, and shown the LACES can be hidden into the zona reticularis of tongue, a very good idea!

Cross country in the international rivalry, in terms of players body apparatus, with the domestic the most unique is, all wearing are actually uniformly cross-country shoes! I think utilizing the domestic trail functioning characteristics have great connection development history as well as the option. In the so-called "grand challenge", but contains substantial road stage race, make time to haggle over every single ounce of the players, tend to ignore the danger, but contrary to the short trail running time period, and the runoff focus on chiseled but long on the asphalt, so choose a frivolous manner of running shoes, or even a marathon boots and shoes, so carelessly may a major fall in the cross-country race, induce injury or regret.

Feel with the weight of the bike racing type road running shoes, cross-country grip on the club and protective shoe, meant for performance and a perfect really like Mercedes trail run the friends, it is indeed a rare masterpiece

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