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This with zheng baked reason sinking

This with zheng baked reason sinking and how similar he awake at night! Main leaders of major accidents, the government departments to resign, this is the inevitable requirement of modern government based on accrual equivalence. On the surface, these officials does not directly responsible for the accident, but because they are a warlord, is a decision-making and management responsibility of the department or the industry leader, so must be illuminated. So every encounter major accident, officials resign becomes the norm. Such resignation, more is a kind of moral responsibility, is from a political shame and therefore does not need to develop a special system to restrain. http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/10/29/civil-servant-law-and-interim As this card puts it, to resign by inner decision. And such resignation, can in most major accident occurred when the national confidence, let people believe that, the government is a responsibility of the government, the government has the sincerity also has the ability to forsake augean stables, avoid similar accidents from happening again. Officials made a big mistake to resign, easy to give a person a kind of escape accountability.



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