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This understanding of the price a bit too much

This understanding of the price a bit too much out of it ! Put it nicely , is to give each other once Zihui opportunity for her life condemned by the conscience , to put it bluntly, is their own incompetence. Because of incompetence, just let others advantage of the loophole . If your husband financially put a tight grip, will definitely not happen this result . Juaner , these are the memories , are you not realize that occurred before your husband , I do not know your husband with you about whether the matter . I just want to say : There can be only one lesson , make the same mistake , it would no longer do business, and not worthy to be a businessman , might as well put a stall engage in small trading Forget the Bank . Juaner above it is for reference only . though Wang Jue not now make such a ridiculous thing, the future may never be , but if a company does not have a sound financial system , will never progress , and never rise not a new level. remember ! black Star in this advice. letter to Miss Wang Jue : Wang Jue , I put the letter hanging in the Sims , I know Juaner already told you , I often hang articles on this website and I this Juaner article is written , but also wrote you see , I want to say a : your sister love ( although you Juaner bigger than a few days ) can be maintained up to now it is not easy Oh ! However, there is a word or to say , regardless of whether you heard angry and that is : the boss is always the boss , man is always man in this company, money is Juaner . investment risk, have you a win , but no loss your copies. done mate, sometimes the heart should be flat , not only see one side but not the boss of bosses money to lose money on the other side . ensure profitable business world is not. a man is not really a sense of that will go to the boss kind of worry : that is necessary to grasp the business , but also in the business when thinking about how to adjust positions , but also worried exhausted done a deal can be smoothly recover , these seemingly trivial but they are worry about the little things , annoying one . improper boss will not have such a profound experience , unless you take money out of shares, risk-sharing , it is another matter . WANG Jue , although this thing happened a few months ago , has repeatedly told me that although Juaner : Well !



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