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This reminds me of the 1929 years before

This reminds me of the 1929 years before the U.S. stock market crash, the famous economist fisher also thinks the market will continue to rise, and all his fortune on Wall Street, as a result, lose their shirts. And, before 2001, the nasdaq stock market crash, had the same survey, the vast majority of investors believe the market will rise, the result is a reverse market, the nasdaq index fell by 80%, up to now 6 years still hovering at 2000 points, and many of them will never disappear in the market of listed companies. Let's look at the Salvatore Ferragamo stock market, from June 6, 2005, the Shanghai composite index since hitting a low of 998.23, Ferragamo Belt's stock market has experienced 1 years and 11 months of the bull market, to April 20, 2007 stock index rose to 3584 points, up nearly four times. http://exploitr.com/?p=103474 From December 31, 2005 to April 20, 2007, the Shanghai composite index rising from 1161 points to 1161 points, up more than three times as much. Recently, the Shanghai composite index after more than half a month rise continuously, finally on April 23, other; Compromised throughout; Clinch a deal the integer 3700 level can reach more than 2800 days. Shanghai and shenzhen two city clinch a deal amount, 2005 to 3.16 trillion, 2006 to 9.25 trillion yuan, but in the first quarter of 2007 Shanghai and shenzhen two city clinch a deal amount is 8.63 trillion yuan, nearly 2006 volumes. High volume constant innovation and breakthrough, especially April daily turnover reached $200 billion, more than 250 billion, 280 billion, 300 billion, 280 billion. Now a day's trading volume was 2005 volume 20 times a day, or even a week turnover reached 1.3 trillion.



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