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This is the middle of what mystery

<p>This is the middle of what mystery ? It is reported that 33 year old Julia joined 20 years ago Jacky Cheung, Taiwanese fans will be , three years ago, he volunteered informed assistant Jacky missing , and to do so when his personal assistant. Julia was born in Taipei a well-off family , is a small coffee club . She is about 170 cm tall slim, but the outward appearance , though not outstanding , and good sound Jiaodia spoiled , Jacky very trust her , six months ago, her mother arranged for her to move into the mansion sheets , then had her daughter when two private nanny. The report also identified, in recent months , Julia renewed onslaught, forcing out successfully for many years served Lo cronies drivers. On May 24 , Jacky is personally acting as chauffeur apartments starting from Julia , Julia is like a family-like and Jacky little daughter sitting in the back seat , but recent days have seen Lo 's anyway . It seems that the media reporters digging is quite deep, even the King 's words and deeds are clear in the chest . And with such facts , the King could not deny that want to deny it . Julia made because these are the only people who can do the most intimate , the opposite King 's wife Lo did not do it. This gives the leaves a lot of room for imagination. Meanwhile, such a good man for Jacky , once outgoing personal feelings scandal that spread and influence faces are enormous, some fans see this scandal , the party sorry for kings , while secretly feeling even kings have derailed such a good man , and that this world is still true feelings? But wait a minute ! For this day the scandal , we should not jump to conclusions , not to parrot . We want to see the King of the rumor when he was a key sentence: Assistant who has recognized more than a decade , the media broke the news today was only reaction is too slow . Said that this matter has been handed over to lawyers and, therefore, do not need more explanation. Point Qingzheziqing quite confident ! Party saying here , basically as an outsider no longer tangled necessary , otherwise an ulterior motive , or at least enough support .



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