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this is obviously not a Wahaha beyond par

Needless to say, economic security and national brands need to be protected , but the protection path should be done by improving the legislation , the rule of law orbit , rather than government intervention hopes repealing contract , trample the legal system to resolve farce . When I saw some local governments to support through an open letter Wahaha when the heart 's sorrow is self-evident . If this happened in the 1980s , I would not surprised . Zong ignorance on legal issues greatest price paid is the loss of its single-handedly built the Wahaha brand , but to protect the national brand name , launched this MBT Shoes -style brand defend the war, once they succeed , perhaps at the cost of reform and opening up 20 years of hard training up a little bit of sense and spirit of the law of contract goes .People stand to the letter , a nation even more so. Confucius, the letter said , he believes that the state is no way, rich and expensive Yan, shame too . One nation does not respect the contract , even if the material has made much success , but also a nation will not be respected . In accordance with the new institutional economics point of view , the system determines the prosperity that it was great nation has repeatedly made clear our insight , and contract as one of the most important institutional form of existence , is the basis for transaction security , there is no respect for contracts , no rules of the religious-like devotion , we will be contract abandoned and return to status era , at that time , our national brand will not be any infringement of foreign investment , our industry will not be any impact , and in exchange , will not mean the country's economic security and prosperity of the industry , but economic stagnation and social backwardness .If I say , contract security is a country's largest economic security seems a bit exaggerated, but undoubtedly , is a sacred contract 's basic national economic security of credit guarantee , which is our participation in the international division of labor permits. But nationalism From contract to status path dependence , the contract completely dead . I want to say is , the national brand is indeed very important , but if the contract through the anti- rule of law and destroy the means , even if the final , Wahaha Zong keep this nation brand, our consideration paid is completely occupied by the enemy of commercial credit , we get What in the international arena to win the trust of others ? It should be noted , in the world economy on the big stage , our economic rule-making poor participation and our great contribution to the world economy increases disproportionate , this and we do not respect the law and the lack of a great spirit of the contract relationship . If you follow the choice of nationalism , by sacrificing deed to protect the so-called national brand , we will always be because of lack of credit and can not become a true Swordsman big country , let alone have the right to speak and the right to the economic rules formulation , this is obviously not a Wahaha beyond par.



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