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this is my wishful thinking thing

But , to be honest , he is what people , my heart is clear. How does such a thing happen ? However , some people say it naturally , certainly not groundless . So, I began to observe secretly , to see whether there is this thing , at least I want to psychologically he is innocent . Think carefully, does have some flaws. It turned out he will be happy to accompany us Nianglia shopping , but now when we go shopping , go out to him like a man . There is often asleep at night waiting for us to get up after chatting . I can not trace him out , but I'm afraid he can not find the evidence found , it will blow it , but also a serious impact on the family . So, I decided to start from his QQ chat. With my knowledge of him, I soon break his QQ password. A look at his space and chats, I can not help stupid. It turned out that he was close to a lot of space inside naked women photos, very hot body , looks like a real-life woman. His friend, there are indeed many women , some women also drill screen name , what the roots as you drunk , intimate love , I am your only one, and so on . Look chats, God, the whole mess is some dirty words. In particular, he constantly when women in chat invitation to each boasting of his own lust, but also to see him and a few women indeed been dating . Seeing this, I am very angry. Huff want to question him face to face , but think this will certainly intensify contradictions . I have heard people say , impotence men actually very low self-esteem , if you face decorum skin , it may be counterproductive . So , I'm going to run it by his parents , do not know how to open mouth , where to start. But my heart is really difficult to self- digest it. How can I do ? Among my hazy , vaguely listening Daoshufangli a woman moaning sound , this time only to find I was the only one bed , so open the study door ajar , his girlfriend was found sitting in front of the computer , to imitate play computer screen , very committed to twist himself , quietly groaned . In order to prevent her embarrassment , I gently climbed on the bed . However, the immediate scene still makes me very embarrassed. This is not because I am not a man, but she was eager for foreign adult movies which do not get sent to my identity, so she went to meet her behind my back so that some perverted desires. After living with his girlfriend , I found some unusual desires her . At first , that this is just for the sake of living together , that this is a normal physiological response in adult women , coupled with their great pressure of work , but also a bit powerless feeling, difficult to quickly close her rhythm, I believe that with each other learned to deepen , this is not a problem . So , put this issue behind and wholeheartedly into work , hoping one day to have our own house, car . However , it now appears , this is my wishful thinking thing. Before me , his girlfriend had two emotional experience .




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