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Although this is a little bit, not, but jiao liuywang and liu zige was born, let us see a glimmer of hope. Women's gymnastics also win, now 12 gymnasts are the Olympic champion, true cow. Olympic champion wang finally a circle dream, young qin kai and in the future, and Wang Fengze is the last time. Win chunhong liu, world record was broken again and again break, I think when she was about to leave the Cheap Gucci, the world record holding firmly in their own hands, is a good choice. They end is very satisfactory, but also have regret, veteran zhiyong shi, hongli li failed to obtain a happy ending, especially hongli li, just only because of the weight slightly heavy silver medal, the distance of silver and gold are only a few two weight, but not across, people in my life was changed.http://exploitr.com/?p=116565



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