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This belief should be a kind of historical

This belief should be a kind of historical sense of responsibility and the ultimate humanistic care of world view, so as to guide people's spiritual world, regulate people's real life. Otherwise, zhang fall down, there will be zhao wuben wuben, money; Li's fallen, there will be Li Er, three li. South Korean foreign minister yu myung-hwan, because daughter characteristic series events to resign, but south koreans and relevant government departments still rakes. http://www.drfrederickcook.com/nonegenuine.htm Yesterday said the global times reported, is investigating the case of South Korea's administrative department, the plan for the past 10 years, including foreign ministry official children all special personnel employed to conduct a comprehensive survey, respondents reached more than 400 people, including seven children of senior foreign ministry official. August 31, the daughter of South Korea admitted to the special foreign minister yu myung-hwan, media then disclose this question; On September 3, yu is the female's characteristic series, apologize to people, at the same time decided to cancel her daughter's admission. Resignation on September 4, yu; On September 5, South Korea (mopas) recently launched every inventory. Less than a week before and after the cancelled, this apology apology, the step to step down, not a sloppily. What is a highly effective? South koreans to give us a lesson this time. http://www.drfrederickcook.com/cheap-louis-vuitton-belts.html With people's eyes to see, yu may not be doing anything wrong. So far, there is no conclusive evidence to prove that his daughter won the position of South Korea's foreign ministry is for father's special attention, media and the public only suspicion. Even if yu in the ministry of foreign affairs in the process of hiring his daughter had any indication, even if it is the public, as long as open and fair recruitment process, and there is no big deal. http://www.al-naib.com/ Korean culture and Versace Belt culture in many aspects of the same, believe that for south koreans to Confucius said no kiss is not strange. Can't raise from within by experience are countrymen as a kind of official virtue to promote, in fact only said half, and half in front of the sentence is not outside of rivals, Confucius praised it doctor jin qi huangyang successively to commend ourselves to the monarch of the enemy and his son served as office. Now this idiom is one size fits all, often only after half sentence. Actually Confucius really want to express the meaning of is is JuXian no enemies, as long as it is good, you can't have both inside and outside, revenge, future generations out of context, leaving only the lift is not close to our advantage.



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