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there are more than two hundred

Moreover, there are more than two hundred million migrant workers in Replica Hermes Belt, means that there are more than a quarter of rural population is in a state of hushai separation. These migrant workers most farmers involved in the new health care in census register seat, but new farming and health care in our country are still at the stage of HuaDeWeiLao at present, only parts of the city as a whole, this means that the migrant workers who work across the province, intercity, if the employment had a serious illness, cannot enjoy new farming in local major health care. And some of the major diseases, simply can't afford to travel journey. To sum up, the rural health diseases of a serious illness expansion and increase reimbursement ratio is good politics, but both system itself and system implementation, there are still many place need to improve and perfect. http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/10/02/should-enjoy-serious-illness-insurance Of course, can go to this step is not easy, which is based on the new farming and annual per capita funding increased from 290 yuan to 290 yuan, on the basis of the all levels of government subsidies from 240 yuan to 280 yuan, means the government a total of more than 240 one hundred million yuan more than the original, it serves to show the people of goodwill. People want to see is more, a serious illness health without disease limitation, without regional restrictions, can real cash reimbursement 90%, this would require the government to further increase financial input and vigorously promote the reform of medical system, strive to make every citizen from fear, freedom from poverty of the disease.



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