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there are a lot of people say that this is a bubbl

there are a lot of people say that this is a bubble , the stock market will crash. From the 1500- point becomes two thousand points, two thousand five hundred points, three thousand points, are constantly Some say it was a bubble , but now the stock market has reached three thousand six hundred points, it has not crash. So, is not a bubble I am not very clear. But I know , MBT 's stock market, there will be up and down . But I do not know what time down , down after I learned ; it will not rise I do not know , have gone up since I did not know . As MBT 's two most well-known economist , to say that do not understand the stock market is obviously a joke , recently Lin also fat boy crazy old lady talking , said the MBT Shoes economists won the Nobel prize day not far away, a sudden heart have consistent MBT's stock market bubble problem playing tai chi, apparently afraid to incur Cheng Siwei style attacks . Mr. Cheng Siwei, beginning in the Middle East to accept foreign interview, on the MBT Shoes stock market bubble problem expressed concerns , along with the stock market crash , startled investors condemning the killing of an eye . At the same time , although the stock market experienced a two , 27 crash, but still in with a new high school indomitable .There is no reason to love the world , there is no reason to hate . Since then, politicians, academics , the investment community are denied the stock market bubble , the gold companies and other institutions uncharacteristically, no longer provides stock market strategy report , even the always shouting bubble Xie , Rogers has changed caliber, market happy, a harmonious to ride burning passion beauty is difficult and the king said. Investors in addition to their own hands, the stock can be multiplied several-fold excitement , the highs on the index has shown a fatigued -like numbness , stocks army continued expansion , the stock Hurricane Mengjin . According to the Commission's statistics , from November 2006 to April 2007 , retail incremental funding into the stock market reached a staggering 600 billion , the proportion of retail funds have been historic reached 40% . A quarter of new accounts of the investors reached more than 500 million , just a month's time , 3000 points, 3100 points, 3300 points, 3500 points , 3600 points, a prodigiously are underfoot. Shenzhen and Shanghai 's stock market capitalization surpassed 16 trillion , more than a hundred years of history in one fell swoop the Hong Kong stock market . http://wikivi.com/en/node/10703



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