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Then from government investment accounted for

Then from government investment accounted for a proportion of health care costs , for example in 2000 , the government developed a national health burden of 73% of the total cost , emerging countries 70% of the burden of government , government burden of LDCs 59.3 %, and other developing countries, the burden of government 57.2 %, while the Cheap Gucci Belts government is only the burden of 39.4% .
1998 years ago , with state organs, enterprises and institutions of the formal establishment of the people can enjoy the right to free medical care , others are paid for health care crowd. The current Medicare program , although universal health insurance , there are still huge differences and injustice, only civil servants only by the fiscal transparency , the average medical expenses may be reimbursed more than 90% ; while the proportion of urban workers is 70% to 80 % of urban residents ( commonly known as an old and a small , means no work units for urban residents ) only about 50% to only 30% in rural areas , or even lower .
Third , according to the Ministry of Health and health services survey, over 50% of Gucci Belt 's urban population , 87% of the rural population has no health insurance . Urban and rural low- income people should be hospitalized without hospitalization ratio reached 41% , you should take the self- treatment without medical treatment , 47% the proportion of urban and rural poor areas is not treatment, hospitalization is not as high as 70% to 90%. It is no exaggeration to say that today Gucci Belt has Nearly nine rural population and almost half of the urban population in the event of disease risk when unable to get government assistance, is born without the onset of coverage , could not afford the drug situation. Many families often have a loved one suffering from disease that will go bankrupt, more rural elderly sick with only anti endured, did not dare go to the hospital . Put them in today's increasingly modern medical standards in the context , you will see this group of minor ailments carry , serious illness dragged , not afraid of poverty , afraid of disease sad.



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