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their own quot;anti-unfair competition

their own quot;anti-unfair competition lawquot; and other laws and regulations, holding and who is good at capture market opportunities and business integrity of the people in accordance with the law, from then on don't have to be speculation muddy clear one term, the longitudinal horse racing can be on the way to get rich. Speculation is about to go, we may also think about it later, when it comes to it, in a different mood, we will look back because this is not how good word a flawed reform era, some dreams of a nation, and therefore inspire unlimited confidence for a new life. Henan nanyang people Wang Qing to nanyang on vegetables to the city next to a area office administrative department of a total of 181, seven government information publicity written submission, results application not only has no substantial reply, he was a bit unit is suspected spies, thought he was in the intelligence gathering. Wang Qing doorstep once appear some strangers dangling, around to the neighbors to spy on him.http://www.intocartoon.com/replica-hermes-belt.html Therefore Wang Qing had to write to party secretary and mayor of show, the stranger was disappeared. In the name of the individual citizen petition the government for public information, Wang Qing is not the first. Last November, in shenyang, liaoning province to the city finance bureau, city citizens WenHongXiang audit office and city government affairs GongKaiBan departments to submit a copy of the shenyang municipal government information open application form, the requirement of each department and each area county government of shenyang municipal government open office, entertainment, travel, business income level will units, such as financial accounts, as well as government departments annual financial audit results, the results of citing domestic unprecedented decline in shenyang. Thought as the government information disclosure regulations enacted, can be made by the Chinese society will ever say goodbye to people, do not make the knowledge of traditional governance model. Look from Wang Qing, WenHongXiang citizens encounter, taxpayers apply for hot often labeled as the government cold face, reflects the gap between ideal and reality, is not a paper and regulations can be filled. Look from the origin of the country, the government, it partially enfeoffing civil rights for all citizens, such as tax, etc.



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