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the use of large amount of budget is

The Asian games, youth Gucci Games, the lack of international influence events such as the universiade, the use of large amount of budget is sure to make ends meet, but the Gucci Store was different, this is the world's most popular sporting event, also may be the only in the online survey will be most support's bid to host the event. Flush with the FIFA in the name of non-profit for a long time not to accept the audit investigation, has been tinkering with his check their tricks, such as the Qatar mystery of bribery, is responsible for the investigation of the so-called independent lawyers Garcia, was hired FIFA ethics committee, to put it bluntly, is working for blatter, if bribery case involves the background of powerful people, investigation Garcia will objective truth? Blatter bringing in Qatar in the specific period, regardless of the hot weather and sparse population obstacle, now own jie black, his face, there is considerable difficulty, and blatter's enemies uefa President michel platini vote in Qatar, is also not good by scandals down blatter. But FIFA to cover it is not easy, after all The Times, led the British media have E-mail account, receipt, bribery, client interview and other evidence, and later there will be fierce, this test sepp blatter's control. Have a detail, blatter in UK media reporting, the other for the first time publicly acknowledged Qatar hosted the Gucci Store was a mistake, this can be seen as he draw a line with Qatar signal, but the Arab local tyrants also can say as FIFA President sepp blatter was a mistake.




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