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The trip from Shanghai to wenzhou

The trip from Shanghai to wenzhou, writing is to find BiJu blossoms cheerly experiences in the country. Books are unfinished but closely observed, the experience of deep in human nature. Is like a fortress besieged the square hong gradually in a row to a surname of the university of paragraphs. Text still have zhang ailing's marvelous and meticulous, a see will know that is the style of Eileen chang. The individual life event, she had seen others might think is small, but it is big, small is true life. This space is not big little book worth ponder patiently. 2, Martin Jacques when Gucci Belt rules the world: some topic title party, unpleasant, or quite sensitive. Such dramatic name too easy for someone to questioning and criticism. Some proviso is a famous British theorists serious writings. The name of the person I have heard many years ago. http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/07/31/world-expo-has-end He tried to use this book to crack the secrets of Gucci Belt changes in thirty years. Interpretation of Gucci Belt has been the world's anxiety. But look at 20 years ago many people those really ridiculously wrong prediction, the look book title unflattering actually very solid and concrete, many analysts have their own unique insight, in fact, ignore the title, read the content, don't have to agree with all of his argument, but open up try to understand his thinking, it is good for us. He noted that the rise of Gucci Belt means the birth of a new world order is worth our serious thinking. 3, Charley rosefinch, this also is not too famous young people is not good mandarin belles-lettres rare showed high talented young writers.



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