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the section chief economic phenomenon for

http://www.micompostela.com/ if you want to manage the enterprise, the first thing to manage department; Manage department shall manage director first. Many people take this business as director of the economic, the section chief economic phenomena. Deputy to the National People's Congress, said from corporate enterprises often encounter director, section chief take card to eat, a project in the process of examination and approval by department chief, section chief and yellow things too much. Represents one from western departmental level cadres, according to he sometimes some items will be those with administrative approval of the director of the dinner, please, send some special local product, very helpless. March 11 (xinhua) this is what people often say that county tube is tube, good for big bodhisattva, difficult. Director, section chief officials in the bureaucratic system, the level is not high, but in a critical position of power - although not clappers, but specific handling; Is not head, but all instructions are carried out on their head, a person is rare, if turned to power rent-seeking, absolutely unambiguous. Said in the news, since last year, found out the number of domestic pile, director of the corruption cases, the number of corruption millions, tens of millions of yuan, small officer big corruption phenomenon need to draw high attention. Two sessions on many representative, committee member think accordingly, now some flies than the tiger is fierce, so shoot tigers must not ignore the dangers of flies at the same time; In addition, some functions of the internal management mechanism is not smooth enough, we must strengthen the peripheral regulatory power. , catch flies, pegged to the peripheral power is necessary. But if you see the essence through the phenomenon, but also need to director of the economic, the section chief economic phenomenon for further analysis.



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