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The reason high-priced luxury goods

The reason high-priced luxury goods in Hermes Belts, in addition to high taxes , but also to profits and monopoly. In addition to stimulating the consumption of luxury gifts army , as well as a luxury pursuit of a young team. Data show that Hermes Belts 's consumption of luxury goods mainstream groups too young, concentrated between 25-45 years old , 15 years younger than the average consumer of luxury goods in Europe , the United States younger than 25 years old. The average level of the world's luxury goods consumption is 4% of personal wealth , but some Belts consumers , but with an even greater proportion of 40% to buy luxury goods . http://www.bcarrd.com/ For imported cars , the huge price gap between Belts and foreign market factors involved in various exactions of 25 % tariff , 17% VAT , 10% of the purchase tax and the high consumption tax levied in accordance with the displacement , making imported cars to shore after the dutiable value doubled become a common phenomenon . But domestic car sales joint venture car prices , the price is much higher than similar foreign brands ! Will make it difficult for consumers to understand unacceptable. Belts labor costs than in the U.S. , Europe is much lower, the joint venture is also not independent brand car prices have a huge R & D investment , but more expensive than the prices abroad ! Why ? Obviously the government protected monopoly joint car prices , car prices could therefore make a joint reap more profits in Hermes Belts . In fact , the strong development of monopolies in Hermes Belts , is a serious threat to the survival of private enterprise and lead to increasingly difficult people's livelihood. Under the existing institutional context , the rise of Hermes Belts monopoly enterprises , most by monopolizing resources and arbitrary pricing to profiteering . The reason seems very powerful monopolies , not unrelated to the power shade . From the core technology and management level and other indicators, the Belts monopoly on the international market does not have a competitive advantage. Monopoly profits, mostly through monopolistic pricing acquiring, growing profits of these enterprises , the substance behind it is too much crowding and exclusive social resources .



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