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The real-name registration system

The real-name registration system and blog real-name system is in dispute, this news will undoubtedly affects the people increasingly sensitive nerve of privacy. So-called dimension system, including alarm system, video monitoring system, explosion-proof safety inspection system, etc. We usually see is video monitoring system, such as installation, bank teller machines and other places at the crossroads of camera, commonly known as electronic eye. http://www.gudulafsarkoyu.com/ Has long been a debate about the electronic eye. Although the vast majority of people admit that, for a variety of electronic eye in preventing and cracking down on illegal crime, maintain social public security, but as people of their rights and privacy of cognitive degree enhances unceasingly, this problem becomes sensitive: a minority of illegal and criminal ACTS that cause most law-abiding citizens by monitoring, suspected, if this is unfair, then worry about private leaked. Is an extreme case, a school students in Shanghai was installed in the digital classroom sex were candid and was posted to the Internet, lead to party girl committed suicide. Ought to say, people increasing importance of personal right of privacy is the corollary of social progress and individual rights are respected and protected, reflect the civilization degree of a society, but in order to judge the legacy of electronic eye some trifles. Electronic eye at best only some high-tech tools used for monitoring, http://www.spendapintalgetah.com/ to put it bluntly just law enforcement or organ of the extension manager, in a sense, it with the police is no different from the hands of the gun. Starting from the position of maintenance of public security, of course, we hope the farther electronic watch, the more, the closer the better, just like the police in the face of the gunman, we hope that the gun in his hand with excellent performance. Therefore, for electronic eye this tool itself, we should not have what bad impression. The problem is that the role of the electronic eye, after all, is different from the police in the hands of a gun, it has become a tool of maintenance of public security, at the same time, also inevitably to monitor the daily life of the common people, the citizens' privacy is involved. In my opinion, is not completely can't reconcile contradictions. First, the scope of using electronic eye should have certain limitations, such as you have a camera in the bank I don't complain, but you have to put a camera in my home and I can't promise. Forthcoming in kunming, the regulations on public security technology to guard against is not mandatory in residential areas to establish a system of dimension is just encouragement, it embodies the respect for the privacy of citizens, therefore the measure believe can get the understanding of most citizens.



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