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The performance of these five unhealthy

The performance of these five unhealthy , it seems that in the interpretation of the two sessions this year, Premier Wen Jiabao 's concern when answering reporters' questions , the Prime Minister said , I am concerned about the development of the stock market , I am more concerned about the health of the stock market . Taking into account the status of the National Bureau of this review article can actually be interpreted as senior overheated stock market has issued a warning .However, the high-level signal is also very clear , considering this is MBT's election year aspects do not want the stock market ups and downs , but if the current situation does not cool down , the stock market 's big drop will be inevitable, it is either are not willing to see. From this perspective, the central provision in the fourth before the holiday , http://www.coldmountainsams.com/brands/mbt.html just to cool the stock market rise of the flare , I believe in the future there will be more Bingtan muzzle to ensure that the stock market before the congress stable development . Estimated 51 after the stock market 's rapid growth will be the successful conclusion of passion burning , the market will enter a stable period of development , which is acceptable to all parties the best results , it is not expected to have a direct interventionist measures introduced. Dragon in the vicinity Yanmenguan Qiao Feng 's parents were take the lead in Big Brother hero killed by the rate of the Central Plains . Years later, the story tells us: this is a conspiracy , a hidden take the lead in Big Brother black veil behind the huge conspiracy.The wheel of history in Qiannianyitan in rolling forward , February 16, 2007 , in the MBT Shoes stock market boom in Mengjin , and a take the lead in Big Brother in Netease blog of shares , less than half the time , more than thirty million hits in one fell swoop than Xu Jinglei has become a world first blog it is said that its prediction accuracy on the stock market more than 90% , so many investors bow and fanatical pursuit , take the lead in Big Brother has become a miracle in the bubble era , a myth, a phenomenon. However, on July 9 , a bolt from the blue : media reports, take the lead in Big Brother on suspicion of illegal enrichment 7,000,000 has been Jilin police control ! Is this what is hidden behind another shaking conspiracy ?



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