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The palace looks like is very deep

The palace looks like is very deep misunderstanding. Argue irrationally, misleading the public, serious investigation, serious criticism, common-sense, overhaul... These harsh language, explain the Forbidden City is a cultural, at least, the imperial palace's leadership has a culture. The point is, error not committed by the imperial palace's top leaders. The present elaborately made by court to defend department is responsible for contact and... Making a check in the yard. Wrong is especially, in the media questioned, the department did not check with ho, still adhere to the error. So this apology achieve a double effect, it is showed that the palace WenGuoZeXi, http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/09/11/early-warring-states-period had a change of attitude, 2 it is to clean the house leadership responsibility in this matter. May 13, if I don't remember, that day send pennants to public security bureau, is one of the Palace Museum with security departments, vice President of the staff. Don't say with me, at that time didn't see the shake on the pennants, vice President of the word, do not know this calculating do not calculate has been forwarded to the college, inspection?



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