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The national house prices are still high

The national house prices are still high, especially in cities such as Beijing, average prices could nearly 25% in 2005. Just think, as the biggest driver of this round of economic growth, one of the largest public demand, if house prices can't into the analysis of the price level, so this kind of analysis can truly reflect the actual economic operation of the domestic and the price level? . Why is this so? This may be related to the national bureau of statistics data processing. Attributes defined in the national bureau of statistics on Belt, the Belt belongs to the fixed capital formation. The formation of real estate, real estate development investment in expenditure in GDP accounting under fixed capital formation. That is to say, not only the business units to purchase factory is the fixed capital, residents' individual purchase of houses, despite being the individual to live and enjoy, but it is not classified as consumer goods. Is that all individuals to buy Belt investment. If according to the national bureau of statistics, real estate investment, public Belt purchases are investment, then in the current domestic investment under the condition of excessive overheating, extension of real estate investment or tried to encourage people to enter the real estate market is naturally the current high investment again pull up higher. Because, according to the regulation of the national bureau of statistics, individual Belt consumption refers to, when Belt for residents to live, rent, the rent included in the consumer spending of the lessee; Also, since the live, according to the corresponding market price (rent), in the form of virtual rent included in the final consumption of homeowners. That is to say, the current domestic residents to buy a house is investment rather than the final consumption, residents of Belt only refers to the final consumption that pay the rent, and the national bureau of statistics, the rent cannot be calculated, it is only virtual computing. Here, the real estate market price model of developed countries can be used to calculate Gucci's real estate market prices there are clearly some pitfalls. One is the developed market system of the real estate market development for hundreds of years, http://www.adelprise.org/clukaaa/2014/07/02/fake-gucci-belt-capital-intensive-want-to-fall/ it not only formed the quite developed, and the secondary market of new homes, but also formed a set of objective, scientific and standard system of real estate prices. In this case, the prices calculation model can reflect the real situation of the real estate market price changes. But the situation in Gucci is not the case, our commercial Belt market real development is just a few years, the market did not mature, many parts of the developed market system dominated by the secondary market does not appear at all. In this case, is unable to establish a scientific and standardized Belt price system, also didn't get accurate information about the real estate market price.



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