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the market investors smell of the wind

It is this sense, the market investors smell of the wind, and was already in the flight. Third, as this year to the domestic stock market price rise quickly, at present a lot of listed companies and other Throughout the ; Or other Small throughout the ; Ban, is not to prevent them from entering the market ahead of time, but to a policy to force them into the market, or the stock market listed companies are not willing to put his hand into the market. Policy makes clear recently, http://www.seexinjiang.com/ however, the government will require 200 billion reduction of state-owned shares, but also, for those who have to ban on time and do not sell holding state-owned shares of listed companies, are not allowed to refinance. From these policies show that the government wants to the reduction of state-owned shares, to increase the market shares in circulation, increase the supply of stock market. Fourth, in order to increase the effective supply of the stock market shares, will further accelerate the speed of the second half of the ipo. Hong Kong H shares such as CCB, petrochina will have to return to a-share market. When the domestic stock market expands rapidly, the market supply and demand will also get the corresponding adjustment. The stock market this way for a while will also get a certain degree of convergence. In short, on September 7, and 12 a-share index decline, http://www.seexinjiang.com/cheap-salvatore-ferragamo-belts/ reflects the investors for the next stage of economic indicators released and expectations of further regulation, also reflect in the domestic stock market policy risk further enlarge. And how much risk policy, I think is quite uncertain, investors should pay close attention to this. Two current domestic asset price bubbles, early is no complex, both in real estate and stock markets. And two big asset price bubble blowing, not only caused two major asset market economic behavior distortion, and lead to overall inflation. If the government thinks two big asset bubble is not very important, left unchecked, left to its own devices, so inflating the bubble will burst one day, who also could not prevent it. Of course, when the two when the bubble burst, the result how, historical experience where early on, also need to say more. Therefore, I think only in slowly out of these two asset bubbles, to get the economy back to normal, and take the path of healthy development. http://www.seexinjiang.com/fake-salvatore-ferragamo-belt/ Two asset bubbles and squeeze out the best way is the central bank, the rates increased amplitude and speed up the frequency for two asset bubbles out slowly. Now we are going to question why central bank to raise interest rates? From July data, consumer price index (CPI) rose 5.6%, M1 and M2 growth of 20.94% and 20.94% respectively, real estate investment growth of 28.5%, and the first seven months of bank credit growth to more than 2.77 trillions, Gucci Belt's economy is overheating, overall inflation pressures have increased. , though popular, this time Gucci Belt's inflation rate to rise, mainly is the result of a rapid rise in food prices. http://www.seexinjiang.com/replica-ferragamo-belt/ And food prices are temporary, structural, as a result, CPI rose in July is not comprehensive, but structural. These views differ with reality is far away. Although, at present the market popular idea is that the central bank cannot adopt severe deflation policy by raising interest rates, or raise rates was no use, the bank don't have to adopt the method of single raising interest rates to fight inflation. Even some people think that, after the crisis in the United States, the United States can cut interest rates, therefore, the people's bank of Gucci Belt also want to dance with the American policy and so on.



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