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The kid reluctantly got up and left

We have here, Li Mengshi heard of it, this year the south cup won the evening paper cup Tang Wei star; And Ye Shuo, take some old Cheap Versace Belt youth championship, they played with any to me. This year there was a young boy coming from qinghai, don't know how to get me here, for cut down here for 4 or 5 segments. That boy is horizontal, haven't man got his, mainly to miss here. Liu's business not salty not pale, according to his words, people always through sickness and death, to do this the hair windfall, also can not hungry. Put a chess food, mainly is oneself to like, figure of fun. Although a small monthly into, but can let everybody face to face with a place to play chess, quite good. Liu said there is very important, people all go under the book of rites, with culture. To know more friends, chat with them, play chess, feel oneself is also improved. http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/09/15/liu-narrowing-her-eyes-are-immersed Have someone come in to buy things. I saw old liu is too busy, just got up to leave, go outside of the chess vendor side and looked for a moment. Children and hospital doctor chess has ended, the kid was quick to several children, look at position a little professional. The doctor want to next dish, at that time there was a middle-aged man had been watching beside urged children home, about the child's parents. The kid reluctantly got up and left, vacant seat someone, right away new game again. It's getting late, street light has lit up. Liu out to send me, and said: a few less between heaven and man, it's too cold. I and a few fellow chess player recently found a basement, etc., under here can't go there to play. Spring tomorrow, I'll put a good arrangement on here, then you can take a friend to play chess, I find a few bad



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